Mission and objectives


The LIMARC proposes a unified structure to the materials related activities at the University of Liège.

It covers a wide variety of materials related science and technology fields.

We intend to enhance the dynamic of research inside and outside the University combining the multi-disciplinary expertises in new transversal projects.

Such a structure helps breaking the barriers between faculties, departments and services or groups.



The unifying concept of the LIMARC intends to generate a new dynamic inside the researchers.

  • New ideas are materialized via new projects aiming at developing state-of-the-art academic research and a close collaboration between research and industry.
  • Such a new structure involves a more efficient communication channel aiming at setting side by side the capabilities (human and equipment).

Moreover, the visibility is greatly enhanced, which is beneficial for international scientific collaborations and industrial partnership.

ULg proposes several Master degrees, covering materials related areas. This web site offers to Students the access to the Master programs (lectures) and the unique ULg expertise. Thanks to the close link with new and running projects, the teaching and the Master thesis research are regularly updated.